∑ Mission Statement
∑ Board of Governors & Trustees
∑ Board of Advisors


Mission Statement


The American Board of Independent Medical Examiners will set and maintain high standards of conduct and performance among independent medical examiners as well as related professionals and identify, educate, and promote qualified individuals who meet these standards.


Board of Governors & Trustees


President, ABIME
Mohammed Ranavaya, MD, JD, MS, FFOM, FRCPI, CIME
Professor, Occupational Medicine
Huntington, WV


Chairman, ABIME
Ramanathan Padmanaban, MD, CIME
Orthopedic Surgery
Logan, WV



Michelle Moore, Med, CRC, CLCP, QRP
Canonsburg, PA




Desingu S. Raja, MD, MBA
Orthopedic Surgery
Charleston, WV

Alex R. Ambroz, MD, MPH
Occupational & Environmental Medicine
Martinsburg, WV



Member Board of Trustee,
Raj Khanna, DMD, MD
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Huntington, WV




Board of Advisors


Robert Rondinelli, MD, PhD, CIME
Des Moines, Iowa


Kathryn L. Mueller, MD, CIME
Denver, CO


Francois Sestier, MD, PhD, CIME
Montreal, Canada


Gerald S. Steiman, MD, CIME
Whitehall, OH


Prof. Sugurdur Thorlacius, MD, PhD
Reykjavik, Iceland


Ahmad Al-Shatti, MBBS, MSc, FFOM


Dr. Shuwaimi H. Aldosari
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Paul S. Allen, MA, CAMAG
Diamond Springs, CA


 Hossein Amani, MD, FRCPC, CIME
Scarborough, Canada


Constantino Amores, MD, CIME
Charleston, WV


Claiborne A. Christian, MD, CIME
Milan, TN


Michael Condaras, DC, CIME
Charleston, WV


Chris Cunneen, MBBS, FFOM, CIME   
Brisbane, Australia


Karyn Coddy, MD, FAAPMR, CIME
Las Vegas, Nevada


Robert Gillett, MBBS, FRACGP
Mosman Park, WA, Australia


Michael A. Glick, DO, CIME
Reno, Nevada


Sandy Goldstein, PT, DCMS
Scottsdale, Arizona


Mzukisi Grootboon, MBBS, CIME
South Africa


Emily Hoff-Sullivan, MD, CIME
Jacksonville, FL


Ragnar Jonsson, MD, PhD, CIME
Reykjavik, Iceland


Deodat Kritzinger, MBChB, CIME
Johannesburg, South Africa


Robert L. Nierenberg, MD, CIME
Honolulu, HI 


Jan Von Overbeck, MD, CIME
Zurich, Switzerland


Richard Sekel, MBBS, CIME
Sydney, Australia


Christopher D. Smelser, DO, MPH, CIME   
Uniformed Services, USA

Ralph Smith, Jr., MD
Charleston, WV

Paul Dean Steinman, Jr., DO, CIME
Morgantown, WV

Prof. John B. Walden, MD
Huntington, WV

Prof. Robert B. Walker, MD, CIME
Huntington, WV