Guidelines of Conduct


Each physician certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) is expected to comply with these guidelines of conduct.Accordingly, each physician should:

  1. be honest in all communications;
  2. respect the rights of the examinee and other participants, and treat these individuals with dignity and respect;
  3. at the examination:
    1. introduce him/herself to the examinee as the examining physician;
    2. advise the examinee they are seeing him/her for an independent medical examination, and the information provided will be used in assessment and presented in a report;
    3. provide the examinee with the name of the party requesting the examination;
    4. advise the examinee that no treating physician-patient relationship will be established;
    5. explain the examination process;
    6. provide adequate draping and privacy if the examinee needs to remove clothing for the examination;
    7. refrain from derogatory comments; and
    8. close the examination by telling the examinee that the examination is over and ask if there is further information the examinee would like to add;
  4. reach conclusions that are based on facts and sound medical knowledge, and for which the independent medical examiner has adequate qualifications to address;
  5. be prepared to address conflict in a professional and constructive manner;
  6. never accept a fee for services which is dependent upon writing a report favorable to the referral service;
  7. and maintain confidentiality consistent with the applicable legal jurisdiction.

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